Thursday, September 22, 2011

One is the loneliest numbers...

I think I've been listening to too many Taylor Swift/Adele songs, that's not good for anyone especially me...

I've been single for almost 2 years now. I hate to admit it but one of the reasons i haven't really put an effort towards anything is because i am still "friends" with my ex. I've accepted the fact that we won't ever be anything but, friends. For some reason I always fall back into the same routine when he's home(works out of town). I'm starting to feel lonely, not the no one is around lonely but the relationship lonely. I am quite content with the way things are in my life right now is, but it would be nice to have someone to share it with. I truly believe things happen for a reason and maybe this is not happening right now for a reason. One of the big reasons i am a bit hesitant about "getting back out their" is because i don't want to get hurt again. I felt destroyed after the last time, it has taken me a  long time to get over it and feel "normal" again. I'm afraid that my heart can't take that again. It can only get smashed into a million little pieces so many times before it just stays that way.

I know that fairy tales don't really exist but i am tired of kissing all these frogs.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The end of summer...

Well summer is officially over, and the only reason i say officially is because school starts on tuesday...eek!!! It hasn't dawned on me yet that as of Tuesday my life will get that much more crazy! I have decided to take 2 courses at a time this semester. Which means Mon-Thurs i have school from 5-8, soccer tuesday nights and working full time! Not sure how this is going to go!

Although school is starting the weather is just starting to get nice out! Suppose to be in the 30's all week!!! But alas i will be busy elsewhere, i have however been enjoying the last few days of the sun, at the beach and pool!
A few favorite memories from the summer...
  • Random Trip to Seattle
  • The beach/pool
  • Floating down the channel
  • Sunday dinners at the Yacht Club
  • Nights out with friends
  • Wine...Yes it does deserve it's own bullet point.
  • Family visits
Now since summer is almost over and the only books i will be reading for the next little while is a school book i thought i would post some of my favorite reads...
  • Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - James Patterson
  • Sunday's at Tiffany's - James Patterson
  • Chasing Harry Windston - Lauren Weisberger
  • The Pact - Jodi Picoult
  • I'll be there for you - Louise Candlish
  • The Pilot's wife - Anita Shreve
  • Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult
  • Light on Snow - Anita Shreve
  • The Autobiography of an Execution - David r. Dow (Don't judge, i have this weird obsession the American Prison systmer...locked up anyone!?)
  • Pretty Little Bitch Girl - Jackie Collins
  • Sam's Letters to Jennifer - James Patterson
I will pretty much read anything written by James Patterson, or Irish Johansen, such good authors!!

Off to bed, and looking forward to one more day in the sun!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

US of A

For as long as I can remember I have had this weird love/obsession for the states. I think it all started when i was younger and went on a family vacation to Hawaii. I love the hot weather, the beach, the ocean. I could wake up to the smell and sound of the ocean. My parents have a place in phoenix, and I again I could see myself living their. I have often said to them that I am going to move down to phoenix, they tell me if i move down their I won't be staying at their place!  Now my latest love for the states is Seattle. I could see myself having a place downtown, within walking distance to everything that i needed. I like that big city living. The little coffee shops on the corner, the markets, the restaurants that have only 5-8 tables! Now I know I could just move down to vancouver but for some reason i don't get the same feeling when I'm in Vancouver as I do when I'm in the States! I have even looked at finding work down in the states. It's not as easy as i would like it to be!! You have to find a company to sponsor you, in some states you have to have a crazy amount of money in your bank account....aka $20,000-$50000. Not going to be happening any time soon!

Now having said all that, If things go according to plan with school in the next few years, after i finish I will definitely be applying to hospital in the states! Who know's maybe by then their will be a shortage of Rad/US tech' know all those baby boomers retiring!! Here's hoping!

A view of Downtown Seattle
                                       I could get used to this sunset every night...