Saturday, September 3, 2011

US of A

For as long as I can remember I have had this weird love/obsession for the states. I think it all started when i was younger and went on a family vacation to Hawaii. I love the hot weather, the beach, the ocean. I could wake up to the smell and sound of the ocean. My parents have a place in phoenix, and I again I could see myself living their. I have often said to them that I am going to move down to phoenix, they tell me if i move down their I won't be staying at their place!  Now my latest love for the states is Seattle. I could see myself having a place downtown, within walking distance to everything that i needed. I like that big city living. The little coffee shops on the corner, the markets, the restaurants that have only 5-8 tables! Now I know I could just move down to vancouver but for some reason i don't get the same feeling when I'm in Vancouver as I do when I'm in the States! I have even looked at finding work down in the states. It's not as easy as i would like it to be!! You have to find a company to sponsor you, in some states you have to have a crazy amount of money in your bank account....aka $20,000-$50000. Not going to be happening any time soon!

Now having said all that, If things go according to plan with school in the next few years, after i finish I will definitely be applying to hospital in the states! Who know's maybe by then their will be a shortage of Rad/US tech' know all those baby boomers retiring!! Here's hoping!

A view of Downtown Seattle
                                       I could get used to this sunset every night...

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